More jobs than I can remember…

Since I have now opened my job search to all of Canada (with the exception of Quebec seeing as I don’t speak French), I am applying for more jobs than I can remember.

I just applied for 6 jobs, all out west – Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Re-locating doesn’t really matter to me.  I am comfortable in Niagara and Southern Ontario, I know the area like the back of my hand.  GPS devices will help if I do move though and I would guess that I would learn a new area pretty quickly.

I would miss people here, but, there is Facebook and Skype and what-not to keep in touch.  I am sure that I would get used to living somewhere else as would my dogs – would they even know any difference?

Anyway, I am hopeful that something comes up soon.  I guess I have to be.  I am not sure what I will end up doing if I don’t get some sort of IT job by the end of May.  I am thinking that will be when I will have to move out of my current place as my money will be gone.  I am sure that will cause some stress if it comes to being forced to move.  Won’t be fun at all.

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