It’s Leap Day

Today only occurs once ever 4 years.  It is February 29.  It is special because it only occurs once every 4 years AND also because I have posted three entries to the blog today.  WOW.

I posted on Facebook:

Do people who were born on “leap day” only get cake every 4 years?

I was sort of surprised that no one commented – lazy people.  It wasn’t a rhetorical question…  There was an article in the paper today about people who were born on February 29 and the one guy was turning 15 today which of course meant that he is 60, BUT, really, he’s only had 14 birthdays up to this point.  He will be luck to see 20, can’t even legally drink in the US.

If your kid was born on February 29, I could see teasing them when the end of February approached saying, no presents or cake or a party, you don’t have a birthday this year.  Cruel perhaps, but what the heck, our parents played cruel tricks on us, aren’t we supposed to play those on our kids?  Not that I have any kids to do that do anyway, but you know what I mean.

Although I don’t have any kids (that I am aware of anyway), I do have two dogs, as I have mentioned before.  Zeus and Blondie:

Zeus is 1/2 American Eskimo and 1/2 Sheppard and Blondie is a Yellow Lab (hopefully you can tell them apart in the above picture – HINT – Zeus is on the left).  Anyway, it is Blondie’s 1st birthday on Saturday, that would be March 3 – happy birthday Blondie !!!  I presume that she will immediately become a perfect dog, you know, stop pulling on her leash while walking – she will, won’t she?

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