Another interview

Well, I got another interview, it’s tomorrow.

I wouldn’t say that it is my dream job, but, it’s a job.  I need something in the mean time, bills keep coming in and I have to feed my dogs (and myself I guess).

It is at an inbound call centre.  Who knows if I will like it or even if I can stand it.  Who knows if I will be offered the job – I would certainly hope so.

I’ve sent out quite a few resumes in the past week so maybe I will hear back from one (or more) of them – I hope so.

But, seeing as I will be out of severance money by July, I need to find something and the sooner the better.  I guess really, up to this point, I haven’t applied for anything that I wouldn’t consider a “good” job – are there better jobs and bad jobs?  I guess so.  All I know is that I need a job – it will be as good as I make it I guess – there, that is being optimistic.

Anyway, wish me luck.  Thank you.

UPDATE – 18:35 on Thursday, March 1

I had my interview today, went well.  It involved some testing and then a sit-down interview.  It lasted about 2 hours so it was fairly long, I am too talkative.

Anyway, after the interview, I was offered the job.  I will let them know tomorrow (Friday) if I accept it.  I will, it will help pay the bills, won’t it?  There is a room to advance with them and it should be an interesting job, I think.  Guess we will see.

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