Conan. Not the Barbarian.

I typically do not watch Conan.  It’s not that I don’t like him, he’s OK, I prefer Leno.  I am not writing about late night talk shows though.

I watched Conan today and at the end they had a band on called Fun.  They were playing a new single called We Are Young. I hadn’t heard of this group before, I suppose I live a sheltered life.  I typically listen to Q107 and this isn’t quite what they play there – I also only really listen to the Q when I am in the Jeep.

Anyway, it is a pretty good single and the album is good too:

So, thanks Conan for introducing me to a great band – much appreciated.  From what I read, the show Glee covered the song We Are Young, but, as you might imagine, I have never watched Glee so I cannot pass any thanks along to those people.

Anyway, take a listen – you might enjoy.  I know I did.

UPDATE – I finally found the CD at Sunrise at the Pen Centre.  I didn’t want to download it and then have to burn it, so, I paid $3 extra (or so) and bought the CD.  It is pretty darn good, if I ever start working again, I think I will purchase their other CD.

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