Sick Jeep

I went to the grocery store on Saturday evening – the dogs were with me.  Well, I left them in the Jeep, I am sure that the people at the Canadian Superstore would not want them in the store with me.

Anyway, I bought a few things and returned to the Jeep 10 minutes later (or so).  I start the Jeep and the seatbelt and air bag lights stay on.

The bad thing about the seatbelt light being on is that it dings, quite loudly for about 5 minutes after you start the vehicle and then, I guess, it gets tired of making so much damn noise and shuts up.

So, I called Performance Chrysler this morning to make an appointment to bring it in – I am heading there for 1:30pm.  I hope that it will be covered under the extended warranty that I have on it.  Guess we will see.

The Super Bowl was last night – not a bad game.  It started out sort of weird with a safety and the Giants up 2-0.  There were a couple of exciting plays through the game and it ended with the Patriots having the opportunity to win the game in the dying seconds but the Giants held on, it was 21-17, I think…  I didn’t really care who won this one, I am, I will admit, a Bills fan.  That is becoming harder and harder mind you – they haven’t made the play-offs since 1999.

I am hoping to hear about recently applied for jobs this week – wish me luck.

UPDATE (4:24PM) – When I went into Chrysler, I mentioned that the dogs were in the Jeep before I discovered the issue.  The service person asked if I had noticed any loose or broken cables or anything, under the dash or under the seat.  Well, I had checked under the dash and nothing was out of the ordinary but I had never checked under the seat.  We went out to the Jeep and sure enough, there was a set of wires “cut” (possibly chewed) under the drivers seat.  So, that was what was wrong – an hour of labour (likely took the guy 15 minutes to fix) and $100 later and all is well.  Could have been worse…


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