All-Star Weekend

This past weekend we saw both the NHL All-Star Game and the NFL Pro Bowl.

I didn’t watch the draft for the All-Star game, really, who cares?  I guess if you are a die hard fan you might care but I really only catch some hockey during the play-offs, NHL hockey that is.  The draft was Thursday, kicking off 4 days in Ottawa.

Saturday night was the skills competition.  Sort of interesting, I guess.

The game was on Sunday.  High scoring but I found it slow paced and not very good.  No hitting, not much hustle – of course, no one wants to get hurt.

The Pro Bowl was also high scoring – 100 total points.  It was a good “touch” football game  really and that’s about it.  I also don’t like how it was moved to before the Super Bowl.  The players that made the Pro Bowl from either of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl aren’t there – they can’t take the chance of getting hurt.  Sort of wrecks it a bit.

Oh well – I would still like to take the trip to Hawaii sometime to catch the game and the sights.  Who knows…

All in all, both games were disappointing.  Don’t know what can be done to improve it though.  They were, at least a bit entertaining.  I guess that’s something.


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