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All-Star Weekend

This past weekend we saw both the NHL All-Star Game and the NFL Pro Bowl. I didn’t watch the draft for the All-Star game, really, who cares?  I guess if you are a die hard fan you might care but … Continue reading

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OK, here’s a post…

I haven’t posted a lot lately, guess I don’t have a lot to say. Well, let’s take a look – I am not working, still…  I’ve been off now for just over 6 months.  Wow – that’s a hell of … Continue reading

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Digging towards China?

Blondie has developed a “new” bad habit. I’ve gotten her mostly out of jumping on me and she has also just about stopped licking me at every opportunity – those are good things. Well, she has now started trying to dig … Continue reading

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World Junior Hockey

I caught quite a bit of the World Junior hockey tournament in Alberta between Boxing Day and yesterday. Canada went undefeated in the round robin and lost to Russia in the semi – it was close at the end, but, … Continue reading

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Well, that sucks…

I received an email today that I didn’t want to get.  I didn’t get the job with the City of Burlington.  That sucks.  Not sure what else I could have done to the positive – they indicated that one of … Continue reading

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