Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug – your choice …

Well, I didn’t hear from the City of Burlington as yet, I didn’t completely expect to hear before the Christmas break, I was just hoping to.  Getting a new job would have been a great “present”.  I will now have to wait until the New Year to hear one way or the other.

We have had (or are still having, I guess) one of the warmest Decembers that I can remember.  It is a green Christmas today – no snow at all, we have only had a few flurries the entire month.  I won’t complain, I don’t need to shovel anything.

Heading to J&D’s for dinner this evening – it will be a low-key day I guess.  I gave Zeus and Blondie large nylar bones this morning, they apparently like getting gifts – both of their tails were wagging like crazy.  It took a bit to get it through to Blondie that both bones weren’t for her.

I hope that you have a good Christmas – enjoy !!!


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