Stage 2…

I received an email less than 24 hours after the interview asking me back for a technical interview this coming Thursday.  I will be presented with common issues experienced in the job.  A good second step I would think.

They also asked for my references and will be contacting them next week.

So, I am very hopeful that I will get this position.

Wish me luck.

I took the dogs out for a couple of walks today.  This morning we walked along a very cold and rough Lake Ontario.  The waves were crashing into the shore making quite a bit of surf.  This afternoon we walked in an Eco Park near the canal, I’ve never been there before.  Not somewhere you would want to walk when it was wet but today it was dry – and cold.  We’ll go back there for sure, lots of trails all over and other people had their dogs on leashes which is good seeing as Zeus takes offence to their very presence.


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2 Responses to Stage 2…

  1. Crimson Myst says:

    Good Luck with the interview!!!

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