It was an angry sea…

Or lake anyway, Lake Ontario.  After the snow stopped and the sun decided to make a late-day appearance, I decided to take the dogs for a walk.  We didn’t go out yesterday as it was one of those all day rainy days and Zeus doesn’t like to walk in the rain – well, neither does his Master.

Lake Ontario was crazy – waves were crashing into the shore and making quite a lot of mist.  If I was a surfer and the water wasn’t freezing, it would be a good day to surf, other than crashing into the rocks along the lake I suppose.

It was darn cold as well – the nice temperatures that we’ve had until last week appear to be gone, for now anyway.  It was 3 or 4 and strong winds.  Winter is on its way.

I went to the Sabres game with BP last evening.  We went to the Olive Garden for dinner – not a bad meal at all.  I had beef and chicken skewers – they were excellent.  I suppose since we were so close that we should have gone across the street to the Cheesecake Factory, another day I suppose.

Back to the game – the Islanders won in a 2-1 game, sort of boring really.  When you don’t support either team, who cares who wins.  I wanted to see a number of goals I guess.  I was also looking for Dippin’ Dots which I have regularly found at Bison’s and Bill’s games, not to be see at a Sabres game though.  BP was happy, his Islanders won.

I was proud of myself as well.  I found my way from where we parked back to the Peace Bridge without the need to turn the GPS on.  Not bad I think.

Time for dinner – peace.  🙂

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