The Stand

As I may have noted here previously, I am reading The Stand by Stephen King.  I was thinking back to the mini-series that was on in the mid-90’s – it was pretty good as I remember it.  I checked NetFlix, no go, they have such a shitty selection.  I decided to check the internet and wow, someone uploaded it to YouTube, broken down into 15 parts. Not sure how legal that is, but, I decided to watch it.

The book, of course, goes into WAY more detail than the movie did, how couldn’t it?  It was still pretty good and fun to watch again.

I am about 1/3 of the way through the book.  I don’t read all that much, maybe 20-30 pages a day.  I have a LOT of free time right now so what else should I be doing anyway…

Heading to the Buffalo Sabres game tomorrow with BP.  We are grabbing a bite to eat first.  Should be a good time.


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1 Response to The Stand

  1. Crimson Myst says:

    The Stand is one of my favourite books. King is a master.

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