The hunt continues…

I applied for a couple of jobs today – it was a good Monday for postings I guess.  It will be nice to get an interview one of these days.  I have heard, not sure where mind you, that once you work for the government for a period of time that a lot of employers don’t look at you.  I hope that’s not true, but, it almost looks that way.  This position was in Niagara Falls, Technical Specialist.  Guess we will see.

When / if I do start working again, I am sure that the dogs will miss having me around all day.  Blondie will be in her crate all day which I am sure she will hate.  Zeus will have the run of the house and eventually, I will trust Blondie enough to leave her out of the crate – that won’t happen for a while yet I am sure.

Anyway, wish me luck on the job hunt would ya?  I can use it.  🙂

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