Internet fixed? Hope so…

I have been having internet issues for the past couple of weeks.

My Cogeco modem would reset, quite frequently.  Sometimes, it would come back online within a few minutes.  Other times, it would stay offline for hours on end.

I called Cogeco before Halloween and they made an appointment to come to check out the issues. They replaced the cable line from the wall to the modem and also replaced the modem.  All was well, at least on THAT day.

The next day (it may have even been the same day that it was replaced, I don’t remember), the modem went offline again and I experienced the same problems – again.

I called Cogeco again.

I was told that there were “issues” in the neighbourhood.  OK, that may be the case, but what about the last few days I asked.  He wasn’t able to answer that, but stuck with “problems in the neighbourhood”.  OK, whatever.

The problems continued off and on.  Yesterday, it went down at about 9am and didn’t come back online until around 7pm.  Rather irritating indeed.  I called them in the afternoon and they made an appointment for today.

The previous tech didn’t (for whatever reason) go into the basement where the cable is split around the house.  Today, that was one of the first things he did.

The splitter that was being used was replaced and this “should” resolve the issue.  He had a proper signal after that was completed.

I hope so, it has been an irritant.

Cogeco has been pretty good all in all – their techs are pretty good and the customer service people are good as well.

Hopefully my internet issues will now be resolved – time will tell…

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1 Response to Internet fixed? Hope so…

  1. kdarcy21 says:

    Well, internet went down at 18:55 tonight. A reset of the modem resolved the issue, however, I am not overly confident. Guess we will see over the next days.

    I am getting a little tired of this…

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