Saving Private Ryan

Nothing much to report really.  I have applied for a few jobs, haven’t heard from any of them though – that sucks.  I may look outside of the IT area and just try to work, “somewhere”.  Being at home all day, every day is something else.  Yes, I am free to come and go as I please, but really, what am I supposed to do with my time?  I have been taking the dogs on some pretty long walks, they love that I am sure.  We’ve had some great weather recently – it has generally been sunny and warm.

I’m watching Saving Private Ryan tonight on History.  I suppose that one positive thing to not working is being able to watch something like this – typically I would be in bed around this time of night.  Since I have nothing to be up for in the morning, I can sleep in.  Yeah, that’s a good trade off…

Anyway, this has been described as one of the best war movies ever and thus far, it seems to be.

The opening scene is something else.  I cannot imagine the horror that these soldiers experienced.  November 11 is coming up – let us never forget the sacrifices that were made for all of us.

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