Burger King

When I was going to Niagara College (back in the 90’s), we used to eat at Burger King quite often – the specials were a good deal and none of us had a lot of cash…

I saw on TV that they have “King Deals” and on Tuesday’s, they have the chicken sandwich for $1.99.  I figured that I would try one again.

OMG.  I wouldn’t feed one of these to an enemy, it would, I am sure, be against terms of the Geneva Convention.  It was horrible.  Awful.  Some other word that I can’t think of.

I have no idea what has happened since the last time that I ate there but wow.  I can say for sure that I won’t be again.

The fries were ok, a bit salty but otherwise good.

I brushed my teeth in a vain attempt to get the taste out of my mouth, mixed results.  I presume that if I survive the night all will be well.  Perhaps an overdose of the left-over chocolate bars from Halloween will help – they can’t hurt…

Speaking of Halloween, this was my first in the new place.  There are a LOT of kids in the neighbourhood but I had a lot less kids than I had figured.  I guess it doesn’t help when the neighbours around didn’t give any out – maybe kids didn’t come to this end of the street.  Oh well.

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