Here’s your whale hat sir…

Had all-u-can-eat shrimp at Red Lobster last evening, great food, too much of it though…  I typically go twice while they have the “deal” on although it really isn’t that much of a deal.  In the US, it is advertised at 14.99 and it is $5 more in Canada.  Odd, I think that the Canadian dollar is worth just about the same as the US.  Oh well.  It was just DB and I for dinner.

The World Series is nearly wrapped up.  Texas is leading 3-2 and can wrap it up tonight.  It has been some good baseball all in all.  Game 3 was a bit of a blow-out, 16-7 was the final for St. Louis, all of the other games have been very tight and Texas has come back to win late in 2 games.  Should be good ball tonight and it’ll wrap either tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve applied for a couple of positions – hope to hear something.  Not working is BORING.  Wow, the days seem to drag on…

I am thinking of scrapping the domain “” and putting this blog back on Blogspot, it’s free there.  This isn’t overly expensive but, how often do I actually use it?  Not too often at all.  Guess it will depend on when I get a new job…


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