No, I did not hit the squirrel

OK.  You are driving down the road and see a squirrel crossing so you slow down.  Without any doubt, the squirrel will run half way across the road and then stop.

Are they tempting you to hit them?  Are they tired and they need a rest?  Are they just plain stupid?

Anyway, no, I didn’t hit the squirrel.  I slowed down and had to stop to avoid hitting the damn thing.  I didn’t want squished squirrel all over my tire.

Oh well, I guess that squirrels aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Anyway, I guess that counts as the excitement for the evening – I lead a pretty boring life.

Today has been a day of watching play-off baseball.  First off it was the Diamondbacks versus the Brewers – Brewers win the opener 4-1.  Next up was the Cards @ the Philly’s.  Started off rough for Halladay, he gave up three runs in the first but then didn’t look back and cruised.  The final was 11-6 I believe, the reliever in the 9th (for the Phils) had a few minor problems.

Now it is a continuation of the Tigers @ the Yankees – rained out last night.  I hate the Yankees.  I think that you either love them or hate then, I don’t think that there is any middle ground.  It is tied 1-1, bottom of the 4th.  I hope that Detroit sweeps the series.

As for the World Series, I am pulling for Philly I guess.  I am a Jays fan, for some reason, they are missing from the post season.  🙂

Enjoy the playoffs.


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