Baseball season is over…

The AA Bantam Championships were this past weekend.  We played in Brantford.  We didn’t play well.

In the Friday night opener, we lost to Waterloo.  On Saturday, we lost to Oakville.  Our run at the championship was over.

We were mercied two games straight.  We didn’t score a run in two games, in fact, we didn’t get a base runner to third base.

It was a disappointing end to an otherwise great season.  It was fun, the season I mean, not necessarily the OBA’s.

We had our team party yesterday, it was a bbq / pool party.  Thanks to the Buckley’s for hosting.  Thanks to JD and KM for their assistance in coaching this season as well as BS for his help as well.

I am not sure if I will coach again next year.  I quite often say that at the end of a season but this time it is more likely than other times.  Guess I will see what happens.  I may be working in Tuktoyuktuk (NWT) for all I know.

I hope that all of the guys enjoy their off-season and all the best for the future.


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1 Response to Baseball season is over…

  1. thecenteroftheuniverse says:

    I seriously almost got a job there when I first moved back to Niagara. It was to live at and keep an eye on a lumber camp during their off season. I met T though and turned the job down.

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