Bored and no baseball…

I will admit.  I am getting bored.  I have been off work now for three weeks.  Hmmm…  Only so much I can do to keep myself entertained I guess.

I really should complete my unpacking.  I have a few boxes to go through and some stuff to get rid of.  If I haven’t unpacked a box since I moved into Welland Avenue almost 5 years ago, am I really going to use it here?  Likely not.

So, I need some get up and go to get going on it.  Anyone got any that they can lend to me?

We have also been off of baseball for the last 12 days.  We scheduled off time the first half of August so that families could go away and what not.  It didn’t entirely work.  A bunch of them went away for various durations while the season was under way.  It really didn’t have much of an effect on the team with the exception of the last regular season game that we played where I had to call up a number of minors.  Oh well.

So, we have a practice scheduled for next week and I’ve already gotten two “I can’t be there Coach” from two players.  Nice.  My guess is that I will receive a bunch more between now and then and we will end up cancelling the practice – guess we will see.  Then I have the situation with the player that missed the last three double headers without so much as an email message to let me know – thanks.  I give up.  If he wants to play elsewhere, go ahead.  I really don’t care.

The OBA’s come up on Labour Day Weekend in Brantford.  I am hoping that we will do a good job there.  I will consider it a success if we go at least 2-2 in the double knockout tournament.  If we do any less than that it will be a disappointment.  Time will tell.

We have done well in OBA tournaments to this point, I just don’t think that our pitching is deep enough to go more than 4 games in, maybe 5.  It will take at least 6 if not 7 wins to take the tournament.  Other teams will be in the same boat of course.  I will need the pitchers to keep their pitch counts low and the relievers to throw well for us.  Defense will be key as well, if we can play error free then we might be able to do something.

Anyway, got some zipping around to do.  Enjoy the weekend.

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