No Dent Doors – Wow, it worked…

BP called me this morning and asked if I wanted to go for breakfast, his treat.  OK, thanks.

We went to The Lancer on Hartzel Road, they have an excellent breakfast.  Thanks BP.

Leaving the parking lot, we backed up (I didn’t mention that BP was driving his car) and the car that was parked beside us back up directly into the passenger door.  He didn’t hit us that hard and wasn’t going fast, maybe 3kph.  I figured for sure that there would be a nice dent in the door.  We all got out and just like in the Saturn commercials of a few years ago, no dent in the door.

The commercials showed “dent resistant” doors, or something to that effect and that’s exactly what happened, no dent at all.

BP was still pretty pissed off but, no harm done – the guy claimed he didn’t see us backing up at all.  I suggested that he put the glasses on that he was carrying.

I was pretty impressed with the Saturn taking the hit with no damage – pretty damn good.

Too bad Saturn was discontinued – I am sure that BP was glad he had a Saturn at that particular time.

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