I think that I’ve explained this before, but, seeing as I added a “Follow Me” button in the BLOG, I figured I’d explain it all again.

I have a friend, RK, who is perhaps 1/32 Native American (Native Canadian?).  Anyway, I occasionally joke that he is full Indian.  So, we were discussing various names for my Twitter account and he came up with my Indian name, Dances with Zeus, with Zeus being my dog – taken, undoubtedly from Dances with Wolves.  That’s the long story, short.  🙂

So, in case you do want to follow me on Twitter, here is a link:

That will allow you to follow me.  🙂

I have a second Twitter account, @kdarcy21 but it is locked down in case I want to say something that I am not supposed to.  I am currently not really using the second account, no need to seeing as I am no longer with the Communists.  LOL

What else is happening…  Hmmm, not too much, taking it easy thus far today.  I have my birthday dinner tonight, as noted in yesterday’s entry.

Wish me a happy birthday – thanks.  🙂


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Well, this is my BLOG, so, read the BLOG !!!
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