My Birthday Festival

Went out for lunch today with T, we went to Carlos Cantina, an excellent little Mexican place on St. Paul Street.  T bought as well in honour of my birthday, thanks T.

For dinner, I went to Boston Pizza with J&D.  I had a certificate (via email) from Boston Pizza for a free pasta dinner, not a bad deal.  I didn’t particularly enjoy what I had mind you, it was too damn salty.  I left most of it and didn’t want to take it home.  The waitress, being the nice young girl that she is, brought me a free dessert as well – chocolate brownie, ice cream and whipped cream.  Nice.  Thanks – she probably wanted me, can you blame her?  LOL

Tomorrow is my family birthday dinner.  My sister and aunt from Toronto are coming down.  Dinner at J&D’s, sort of what I want, BUT, I can’t have banana splits for dessert.  😦  I never get what I want. (I put that there because a certain person may read this entry)

Nothing really planned for Sunday as yet, guess I will see.  Nothing planned for Monday either, that’s when my 30’s end and I start a new decade.  The 30’s were pretty good, I guess.  Didn’t end particularly well.  The last month has pretty well sucked.  Oh well, should only be able to get better.

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