A boring, rainy day…

It has been a boring couple of days.  Nothing to do really, no baseball in the evenings for a few weeks so time has been dragging.

I could do some work around the house but who wants to do that?  lol

I do have some boxes to unpack still, well, go through anyway, I doubt that I will be unpacking them.  They’ve been packed since I moved into Welland Avenue and that was nearly 5 years ago, so, I doubt very much that there will be much that I want to keep.

Perhaps I will get to those in the next couple of days – yeah, that’s it…  I sound happy about it, don’t I?

Today was one of those miserable rainy days so the dogs haven’t gone for a walk as yet.  I plan on taking them out around 8:30 or so tonight, presuming that it isn’t raining.

That’ll be the highlight of the day I am sure.

Oh, by the way, almost forgot to mention.  As of today, I have had Zeus for 5 years.  Happy Anniversary Zeus.  Today is also Blondie’s 5 month birthday.  No, we didn’t have a party.

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