That’s a wrap…

That’s a wrap – the regular season has ended.

The Boys of Summer League is a rather competitive league to say the least.  We ended up playing a total of 14 games and we went 1-13.  Not the best record to be sure.  In most of those 13 losses, we lost by 10 or more runs.

Those are definitely elite clubs, that’s for sure.  They do baseball most of the year, the practice in the winter and play in a large number of tournaments – we aren’t at that level, neither are most of the teams in Baseball Ontario.

Once we get into an OBA tournament, we do just fine which is evident by the way we’ve played in our last three tournaments.

Last night was odd though.  We have a roster of 14 and I was missing 7 of my players.  I called up three Minor Bantams and they did a very nice job for us.

We now have a few weeks off.  We have nothing scheduled this week at all.  We may have a practice around August 10 but then again, we may not.  A majority of the players don’t seem particularly interested in practicing – it is almost like they’ve given up.  I hope not, I hope that they are just a bit tired of ball and once OBA’s come around they will be back into it.  Guess we will see.

Today is the Civic Holiday.  Mostly everything is open though, except Government offices and banks. It’s going to be a warm one, it is 5:50am and it is 24 Celsius out there already.

Enjoy your day off (if you have one) and if not, don’t work too hard.


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