Sunday morning blahs…

You have to love weather forecasts.  I checked the weather last night.  It indicated that there was a ZERO percent chance of rain today (Sunday).  I woke up at 5:30 this morning and there was a thunder storm and rain…  Hmmm…  It must be nice being in a job that you can be wrong more often than not and still get paid, quite well too.

Anyway, I don’t think that we’ve received enough rain to wash out our ball games tonight, we don’t play for another 8 hours (a little less than 8 actually).  I am sure that the City will get Community Park into shape.

I spent part of the morning playing some video games.  I am playing The Clone Wars – not too bad actually.  Some of it is a little challenging but I suppose that it is designed that way.

I think I am hitting the flea market with Joan shortly.  I am not quite sure though, I think we are going.  Waiting for a phone call.

Wish us luck for tonight – both on the weather cooperating and on us winning.

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