Baseball Update

My ball team played a double-header last night in Orchard Park, New York.  We didn’t play particularly well.  I asked the guys who wanted to start the game and a player who typically is a relief pitcher.  He struggled as a starter, gave up 9 runs in 1/3 of an inning.  He threw more pitches in that 1/3 of an inning than he normally does in 2-3 innings of relief – I guess some players aren’t supposed to be starters, that’s all.

We made a slight come-back and ended up losing 15-8.  The second game was rough as well.  We lost it 10-0 in 5 innings.  I didn’t use my #1 starter in either of the two games seeing as he had pitched on both Saturday and Sunday and my #2 and #3 starters were not there.  Fun.

We have a practice tonight.  I don’t expect it to be well attended, I just have that feeling.  I could be wrong.  We play our last regular season double-header this Sunday night against an American team, Lou Gehrig Reds.  I will be missing a crap-load of players.  Pitching will be at a premium for sure.  I am going to call up two guys from the Minor Bantam squad if I can, we will need them as I think I only have 8 of 14 coming.

After Sunday we have three weeks off.  I will likely enjoy the time off as well as hate the time off – it might get a little boring.  I am sure that we will do something in the off-time, I am sure that players will be around.

The Provincial Championships will be on the Labour Day Weekend in Brantford.  We are going to AA as opposed to A (in Sault Ste. Marie) as a money saver.  SSM would have cost each family over $1000 for the weekend I am sure.  We can travel back and forth to Brantford.  I may camp in Brantford which would be pretty good, I do enjoy camping.

Well, a bit of TV before practice and a bite to eat.  I am out.

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