Politics and Baseball

I went to my first PC Nomination Meeting last evening.  There was a good crowd, about 200 people I’d guess.

The candidate that I voted for won – I really wasn’t sure who to vote for, however.  It will be a tough battle to knock Bradley out of his long time grip on St. Catharines.  I think that there is a fair amount of hatred of the Liberals in Ontario so I am hopeful that this will turn into a win for the PC’s, both here and across Ontario.  We will know on October 6.

We have our last double header in the States tonight against the Orchard Park Thunder.  I have no idea how good they are, I also have no idea which team I will be bringing to the US – the good team or the team that I occasionally see that has no idea on how to play the game of baseball.  We play at 6pm and 830pm (or so) so it’ll be a bit cooler which will be good.

We only have one more double-header in the Boys of Summer League after tonight, Sunday at home.  Well, not really home since it is at Community Park.  We are missing a bunch of players for that game so it’ll be a bit more interesting I guess.  What drives me nuts is that we have the first three weeks of August off and I have people that are away this week – I suppose that signing a letter of commitment doesn’t mean a lot to some.

Anyway, as per usual, wish us luck.

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