Tandem Lead

J&D gave me (lent me?) a tandem lead for the dogs plus a standard choke collar for Blondie yesterday.  I had them (Zeus and Blondie that is) over there so that they could play in the backyard and use the pool.  The pool is a 4′ wide, 2′ deep plastic pool that Blondie seems to love – she splashes around and has a great time.

Anyway, I tried out the tandem lead this morning on our walk – didn’t work out too badly.  The dogs don’t really pull on it and they walk pretty nicely together, likely because if they pull they pull on each others chokers and they don’t like that.  They got confused and twisted together a couple of times but for a first outing, not bad at all.

We have been going out really early, prior to 5:30 in the morning to beat the heat – the sun isn’t up as yet so it is cool – yeah, that’s what we’ll call it, cool – it is actually 21 right now.  It is expected to go to 31 today and perhaps as high as 36 tomorrow.  I hope that we don’t lose power…

Looking forward to September and cooler weather, that’s for sure.  Enjoy.

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