No lid on the Jeep…

Took the lid off of the Jeep last evening, well, DB and I took it off.  I am leaving it in their driveway for a few days as I really don’t have anywhere to store it.  I could leave it in my driveway, but if someone was to come along with a truck and take it, that would suck – HUGE.  It is behind a couple of vehicles at JD’s house so it should be safe.

The weather forecast for the next few days is calling for clear and hot conditions.  If there is one way to get rain to fall then I presume taking the roof off of your Jeep is a sure-fired way to do it.

Had a good baseball practice last night.  We didn’t bother to do any hitting because we have an exhibition game tonight against the Niagara Falls Minor Bantam’s at Oakes.  It will be good to see how much they have improved since we last played them in late May I think it was.  It’ll also give me a chance to pitch some of the guys who normally don’t pitch a lot for me – winning isn’t the primary concern here, getting some hitting practice and pitching practice is.

Heading out to NOTL first thing this morning for work – should be a good drive with the roof off.  Gotta get the day started – have a good one.


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