Sick dog…

Warning on this post – some gross content.  Hey, you’ve been warned.  🙂


I was woken up yesterday morning but an odd sound – Blondie was licking something, didn’t know what but it wasn’t me.  It was 4:20am.

I turned on the bed side light.  Nice, a large pile of puke on the floor.  Both dogs ate late on Wednesday evening because I didn’t feed them until I got home from baseball practice so who knows, maybe her young system just can’t take that.

Anyway, Blondie is looking at me like I am going to get mad at her – I don’t, she was sick, what can you do.  I proceed to clean it up.  It’s odd (I think) but I have no problem at all in cleaning up dog puke.  The first time I had to do it with Zeus I figured that I would  be gagging myself, nope, no issues.

I clean it up and try to go back to bed – it is around 4:30am now.

About 10 minutes later, I smell something.  Something BAD.  I am hoping, praying that one of the dogs farted.  On goes the light, I don’t want to step in anything.

Nope, not a fart.  Apparently, a horse has taken a dump in my bedroom.  It is the largest pile of semi-solid shit that I’ve ever seen.  Wow.

Both dogs outside…  I go back upstairs to clean this up and I nearly do puke.  Gross, completely gross.  Blondie is now house trained which is good – she hasn’t had an accident in a few weeks.  She does get a little excited when people she knows come over but in general she’s good.  I know something is wrong with her, oh well, that happens.  I use the H2O Ultra mop that JB bought me and the floor looks good.

Well, by this time it is getting close the 5am, figure I might as well get up.

Blondie is laying on the couch beside me and decides that she wants to puke, all over the couch (it’s leather at least) and the floor.  It is mostly a liquid puke because she’s already gotten rid of her food.  Nice.

Dogs back outside.  Kevin cleans up yet more puke.  It takes a  bit because some of it had went down the side of the couch, between the cushion and edge – awesome…  It took me about 20 minutes to clean up.  I find another pool of liquid puke under the coffee table and clean that up – wow, when this dog pukes, she pukes.

She doesn’t eat her breakfast, not too surprised there.  She does eat a biscuit when I leave for work though.

I get home for lunch and she hasn’t done anything in her crate, this is good.  I really didn’t want to have to bathe her at lunch.  She takes another biscuit and I head back to work.

After work she’s already scheduled to go to the vet so off we go.  Zeus was giving me a really BAD look though the window – essentially it was “what the fuck, you’re taking her for a car ride and NOT ME?” …

In a month, Blondie has put on 12 lbs and now weighs in at 33.8 lbs – just under Zeus’ size.

She gets her last round of shots and some tablets to help settle her stomach – the price tag doesn’t settle my stomach…  All told it is $160.  Yikes.  I am also asked if I am going to have her spayed – yes, of course.  I ask how much that will cost me – about $480.  YIKES.  OK, let’s schedule that for late September when I have 3 pays in the month.

Anyway, on the way home Blondie puked again, not a huge amount at least.  She’s taken 3 of her pills now so maybe that’ll help – I hope she stops the puking because otherwise trying to figure out what’s wrong could be pricey…

She seems to be fine thus far this morning.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  🙂


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