A slow July thus far…

I have moved back to Support Services from the Service Desk.  Had to move desks which is a bit of a pain but what can ya do.  I am doing hardware refresh at the moment that so that will keep me busy for sure.

It is a slow couple of weeks in baseball.  We were supposed to be going to Cooperstown this week but that tournament got cancelled, so, we have a practice this Wednesday and one scheduled for next Wednesday and that’s it…  We are in the Dundas Tournament the next weekend so that will be good – all in all, the season has gone well and it is nearly wrapped up.

Nothing else really going on – I sorta like the chance to relax.


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1 Response to A slow July thus far…

  1. thecenteroftheuniverse says:

    As a going away present we are renting a flat bed truck for you to move all your stuff to your new desk…lol. We figure 3 or 4 trips ought to cover it.

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