Baseball – do I BLOG about much else?

We played the Lou Gehrig Ironhorses yesterday afternoon in a double-header.  It was a team that we should have been able to defeat, however…  The first game wasn’t too bad, we made a few errors but in general it was a good game.  Then we had the second game.  We made NO LESS than 8 errors in the game – yes, 8.

I am not sure of ANY team that could win a ball game after making 8 errors and at one point we actually held a lead.

We haven’t had enough games to build up arm strength as yet for pitching and, apparently, other positions either.  We also haven’t practiced in what seems like an age.  We have a double-header this Wednesday and a practice on Thursday that I’ve added – we need it, big time.  I am hoping that we’ll get some diamond time in Niagara Falls.

We are heading to Kingston this weekend.  We don’t play on Friday night which is sort of nice except it screws up my pitching a bit.  If we end up playing 6 games in total then I don’t think we’ll have enough pitching for Sunday.  We’ll see I guess.  We play at 8am, 4pm and 8pm on Saturday so I am sure that will turn out to be a long day.

Wish us some luck – we can use some.  🙂

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