A slow Monday …

I’ve turned off anonymous comments from this blog.  I was getting messages from bots (or whatever they are) ALL the time and it was getting irritating.  All ads and what not and I had to approve all of them or decide that they were garbage.  So, I’ve make it that you have to register to comment, not a biggie.

Was off today.  Not sure when I will be back – hopefully Wednesday.  Can’t really comment further.

New Jeep is amazing.  Love it.

Blondie is getting better, I think.  Zeus is still a good dog.  I am nearly done unpacking and then there will be less “stuff” for Blondie to get into.  I think that I will pick up a baby gate tomorrow.  I want to keep her upstairs if that’s where I am and downstairs if I am there.

They are barking and clawing to get in – better go…


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1 Response to A slow Monday …

  1. thecenteroftheuniverse says:

    Hey, since you couldn’t register me, I registered myself…lol.

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