Not rained out again, are we?

Double header this afternoon at Alex McKenzie Park.  I hope that the diamond was worked by the City last night and this morning so that it is playable, not a typical City response of, “all diamonds are closed until June 14” – that is a random date since, from what I can figure out, they choose a random date and shove it down our throats.  I REALLY hope that we are done with all this damn rain – come on now, where are the typical hot and dry summers?

We were rained out yesterday.  I can’t imagine when we will be able to make those two games up.  That is a total of four games that have been rained out in the BOS league.  Not a good start.  It also REALLY sucks that the team drove all the way to the US of A which likely took 45 minutes to an hour and then played three innings and had to come home.  I didn’t end up making the try seeing as my vehicle purchase was “slightly” delayed.

Oh well, wish us luck for the day.


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