PC Financial

So, as I was told by PC Financial last evening, the cheque for $6500 that was deposited into my account cleared after midnight – good news.

I go to the Shopper’s Drug Mart on Carlton Street this morning to get a money order for $4925 to cover the down-payment of the Jeep.  No dice.  The woman working at the postal outlet is from another planet, so, after watching her fumble and mumble for 15 minutes, I decide to go elsewhere (another SDM) for the money order.

I get to the one on Lakeport Road.  No problem doing the money orders (yes, multiple, the maximum amount that they can be for is $999.99 each – no biggie).  They try to run $4925 + 2.50 per money order through as a debit purchase – the bank (again, PC Financial) assured me that this would be OK and it comes back as declined – over limit.

So, I call the 800 number and talk to someone who asks me a number of security style questions and apparently get them all correct.  She indicates that it will be a 10 minute wait to speak with a supervisor.  OK, sure, I’m not in a hurry (where is the sarcasm font when you need it).  He comes on and immediately, has an attitude issue.  He won’t allow me to go over my daily limit (of $1000) – why?  I am not really sure, perhaps it is because he’s an asshole.  I lose it on him a bit and he apologizes but says that there is nothing that he can do.  Now, let me remind you that I have had an account with PC Financial for a number of years…

Anyway, I ask to speak with his supervisor.  He indicates that he IS a supervisor, so, I ask, do you NOT have a supervisor?  He does and he can ask this person to give me a call on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Again, I lose it and slam the phone down…

I decide to drive to the Zehr’s (sp?) at the Fairview Mall and see what they can do.  Well, this young lady is MORE than helpful.

She gets on the line with PC Financial and within 5 minutes the debit purchase is cleared and I am on my way.

The Jeep is now in my driveway and it looks awesome.  🙂

I have a decision to make.  Do I leave PC Financial and go to CIBC where I will get charged $13 per month or do I stick it out with PC Financial?  I guess it will depend on whether or not I can get holds removed from my account when I deposit cheques.

Enough on that…

I didn’t make it over to the States today to coach.  It started to rain, pretty damn hard and the games were cancelled.  It is going to be tough to reschedule.  We have a double header tomorrow, hopefully Alex McKenzie Park will dry out by then.  Wish us (and the park) luck.


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