Shut up, this is the last time I will tell you…

As my readers know, I coach baseball.  I’ve been coaching baseball for years now, longer than I care to remember.

I am coaching an excellent group of 15 year olds this year, Major Bantams they are.  One of the grandparents on the team is a complete and utter, useless ass hole.  He keeps emailing me stupid, empty suggestions and comments normally putting down myself, my staff and my players – all of the players with the exception of his grandson.

His grandson is a good player – they all are good players.  They all make mistakes and I do believe that they all give the team 100%.  This particular gentleman (and I use that term VERY loosely) doesn’t see any of that – he sees nothing – he’s an ignorant, arrogant prick and I am done with him.

I really hope that he doesn’t email me again.  I hope that he doesn’t come to the park again although I doubt it, he’ll be back and he’ll likely offer his useless advice.

I don’t actually hate most people, although one might think I do – I don’t, really.  I don’t hate this guy but I am getting close.

All the best to you sir – live out your miserable life and leave me out of it.


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