Baseball Wrap-up

My ball team played last night against the Westerkirk Royals from Oakville last night.  This is the same team that came down and played my Major Peewees last summer, we were a 13u club and they were a 14u club – they pounded us into the ground.

So, I contacted the coach a few weeks ago and scheduled another game.  It started out really well, we held a 4-1 lead going into the 6th and weren’t even playing a perfect game by any means.  My team also uses wood and they had metal which will sometimes offer an advantage.

I was a bit short on pitching last night.  My boys have been heavily playing high school baseball and those coaches seem to be clueless when it comes to saving arms, they simply either don’t care or have no idea…  My intended starter wasn’t able to start, he’s done a lot of pitching in the last few days so I went to another starter – he lastes 2 2/3 innings which isn’t all that bad.  My second pitcher did quite well and pitched a little over 3 innings and we held the lead until the 6th when they broke through for a bunch of runs to take a 6-4 lead.  We chipped away and scored one and then the flood gates opened.

We made a few errors and didn’t execute other plays and ended up losing the 9 inning contest 14-4 or something around there – in the 9th inning I ended up using 2 pitchers (or was it 3) and we couldn’t get any outs so we scrubbed the game after they bat through the order.

I’m not disappointed mind you, the Royals are an Elite level club and a damn good one at that – they would be considered AAA where we are an A club.

On the Jeep front, I will get that tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it, very nice vehicle.  More to come on that one.


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