New Jeep

I decided that I didn’t like the financing options for my new Jeep.  They (TD Financial) wanted a down payment of $5100 for it – I thought that was insane.  So, I called the dealer where I am buying the Jeep and told him that and said that if he wasn’t able to do anything about it, I would cancel the deal.

Low and behold, a new deal was struck and I now require NO down payment – that’s what I’m talking about.  🙂

So, I go in this morning to sign for the new Jeep – not sure when I will get it, should be soon.

My baseball team played last night versus the Niagara Falls Bantam Falcons – it was a great game and we broke it open in the 6th inning after scoring a run by stealing home in a run-down situation – we actually got a few breaks from the Niagara Falls umpires, that has never happened before and I’d expect that I will have to wait another 12 years before it happens again.

Anyway, we ended up winning 5-1 on a solid pitching and defensive performance on our end.  We do need to work on our hitting – hitting is always a weakness in St. Catharines, mind you, most of my players are from other centres…  Oh well, some sort of curse I presume.

I am off today – not by my choice.  Better not say too much, certain people might be reading. LOL – I’d say that some people need to get a life, but that’s just what I think – there are ALL kinds of those people in the world, aren’t there.  Oh well, he’ll get his, bank on that.



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