Clean bill of health (for Blondie)

OK, the new place is shaping up, sort of.  DB came over last night and assisted with putting together my Ikea cube shelf.  It was actually much easier than either of us thought it would be.  It is in the kitchen which isn’t the best place for it but it works – it is flat against the wall.  I was considering using it as a room divider between the living room and the dining room but that wasn’t going to work out.  Now all I have to do is unpack my stuff and load it up.

I got home early yesterday, 1:20 or so and discovered that I had no cable tv, phone nor internet access.  I called Cogeco and their recording indicated that they were experiencing issues in some parts of St. Catharines – I figured it would be resolved shortly.  I go about my business and when I got home, still nothing so I call Cogeco.  Turns out that they had a disconnect order for my address – not sure how that happened, perhaps it was the former tenants who were here, not sure.  Anyway, it was too late for a tech to resolve it last night so they are supposed to be here today to reconnect me – fun…  Anyway, I was off from baseball last evening and it was supposed to be my evening to catch up on emails, etc – ummm, no, didn’t happen.  I don’t like composing long emails on my HTC.

The reason that I was home early yesterday was to take Blondie to the vet.  She got a clean bill of health all around and, I was happy to find out, good hips as well which is excellent.  She is already up to 22.2 lbs which is 7 more than I estimated her at.  I need to buy a scale for home one of these days, both for myself and my dogs.

Busy week with baseball this week, 7 games in 6 days.  We are supposed to be out in Chippewa this evening, doubt that the diamond will be ready but I guess we’ll see.  I can’t locate another park anyway so if Chippewa isn’t good we might be off – may be able to go to AN Myer again, their diamond and field are good – we’ll see.


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