Tournament Update

I received a call in the morning on Saturday, somewhere around 8:40am from the Convenor of the Tournament in Niagara Falls.  He didn’t have good news – the Tournament was being cancelled due to bad park conditions in Thorold and Chippawa.  Oakes Park was fine though.  Did he consider contacting St. Catharines, Welland or any of the other Associations to see if any of them had any diamond time, so, the tournament was cancelled.

I received a second call about 45 minutes later from a coach from Mansfield, the team that we were supposed to play at noon wondering if we wanted to play an exhibition game.  Sure, I said – I contacted the team and told them we were back on for noon.

Well, I get back to the park and a coach from North York had arranged a mini-tournament with the 7 teams that were remaining.  Where was Niagara Falls in all of this, other than saying “sure”, use Oakes Park, it took a coach from North York to arrange the tournament – that’s a bit insane.  The Convenor was around the park but didn’t do too much.

Anyway, we ended up playing a total of 3 games, 3:15pm, 7:15pm and 9:15pm.  Good games they were as well.  We defeated Milton in one of the best games that I have ever coached in.  We got the 3rd out at the plate (tying run) in the bottom of the last inning (5th maybe).  In the 2nd game, we played Aurora and lost 4-1, but, on a positive note after a bad 1st inning where we gave up 4 runs we were perfect – the boys played excellently.  In the night-cap, we easily defeated a select club from Mansfield, the team with the coach who originally contacted me.

So, with what could have been a bad weekend turned into something pretty good actually.  Three games, $120 from the team account and 2 wins – not too shabby.

I’ve coached for a LONG time and this team, without a doubt is the most talented club that I’ve ever had the honour of coaching.  They listen, are respectful and they WANT to play.  I am going to enjoy this year, that’s for sure.

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