Rain, rain go away …

Guess what…  The first game of the first tournament has been rained out.  Well, technically, it wasn’t raining.  Actually, it was a pretty nice day yesterday, BUT, the fields apparently were a mess.

So, we play our regularly scheduled games today (noon and 3pm) and then we make up yesterday’s game tomorrow morning @ 9am.  The only real issue there is that if we make the semi’s and then the final, we could end up with 3 games on Sunday which is tough to do.  We’ll survive though…

I have sold my Jeep.  I am not sure that I particularly like the deal that I got, but, I’ve sold it.  I’ve also sold my Grand Prix, although I am still driving it.  I am in the process of purchasing a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.  It is black with a black roof and looks AMAZING.  I hope that the financing goes though, it should…

Well, I will update on the tournament.  Wish us luck.


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