Anyone want to help with my Ark?

I am moved in, well, mostly moved in.  I still have to move the contents of my office, dining room and kitchen.  I also have to move quite a few clothes.  Packing and moving is the easy part for me.  The hard part is the unpacking.  I hate unpacking, hate it.  I am SO slow in getting started is all – I always seem to find something better to do with my time.  Oh well, I will get to it – I have to, I am having a house warming party at the end of July.  I certainly hope it doesn’t take me THAT long to get it done…

Baseball has been on hold for a bit.  We’ve had so much damn rain I can’t believe it.  I hope it isn’t one of “those” summers.  We were rained out on Saturday after we had started.  Good news is that it didn’t cost us the full $55, both umpires returned most of the cash which was quite nice on their part.  I felt bad for the Thunderbirds who had come down from Hamilton.  We can’t control the weather though…

I cancelled the Sunday game on Saturday night – too much rain.  Monday’s practice was cancelled by 9am on Monday and Tuesday’s game was cancelled by 10:30 in the morning.  No baseball today, we are off – I have a union meeting.  I am supposed to umpire tomorrow (Thursday), who knows if that game will go or not.  We have a practice on Friday and then play games all weekend.  Come on Mother Nature, dry the hell up would you…

The team is looking pretty good.  They have come together pretty well which is quite nice.  From the looks of them, I would say that this is the most talented team that I have ever had the opportunity to coach.  I am really looking forward to starting the season – bring it on.

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