Baseball is here…

It has been a couple of very busy days.

The election is over so that takes that off of my plate.  I spent a couple of hours last night collecting election signs from around the downtown core.  There weren’t too many in the area that I was driving through – south of Welland Avenue, west to Ontario, east to Geneva and also bordered by the 406 – mostly businesses in that area.  Anyway, the city is being cleared of its election signs.

Baseball is proceeding well.  I have 13 signed players now and will likely sign #14 tonight.  That will be it.  I have two assistants right now as well with a 3rd assistant who will help out as the bench coach.  The guy who helped me last year (MH) won’t be able to assist this year – he didn’t take his coaching clinic last year and therefore would have to start over now and he can’t do it with his work schedule.  This is good and bad – he wasn’t out all that often last year but he enjoyed the game and was good with the kids.

We play our first exhibition game tonight.  It is against the Minor Midgets from Niagara Falls.  They won the OBA A Bantam title last year, so, we will have our work cut out for us.  We also have large shoes to fill to match what they did last year.  The A OBA’s are in Sault Ste. Marie this Labour Day Weekend.  It is hard to think that far ahead – still a few months off.

We play the Canadian Thunderbirds 14u club tomorrow in Hamilton.  They were supposed to play in St. Catharines but our GREAT City decided to close the parks until Monday, May 9.  Yeah, that was necessary St. Catharines, the parks are fine.  Oh well, what can you do…

Anyway, the schedule will be quite busy, but, that’s the way that I like it.

I am preparing to move – sort of…  I haven’t actually stated packing or anything as yet, but I am getting to the point that I do have to do that.  I may move some stuff in there on Sunday, Mother’s Day.  The Bell guy is doing something at the house on Monday with regards to my Distributel service.  I have to be there.  The appointment is also between 9-5 so I am hoping that he will be there early so that I can go into work.

One more work day today then off for 2 and part (or all) of Monday.  I am picking up our uniforms at lunch today – awesome.  I am sure that they will look great.


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