Canada Turns Blue …

Well, the election is over and the Conservatives have won a majority government.  The two campaigns that I worked on, Rick Dykstra and Rob Nicholson both won by landslides.  Unfortunately, the candidate in the Welland riding did not defeat the NDP incumbent.  So, two out of three ain’t bad.  The Liberals were devastated across the country as were the Bloq, perhaps the people of Quebec decided that the Bloq weren’t doing anything for Quebec and they got rid of them.  The leader of the Green party was elected in her riding out there in BC – those darn, tree huggers out on the west coast.  At least she will get a taste of inside politics.

I got to the campaign office yesterday at 7:30am.  I got home after the post election party just before 2am.  Long, long day.  I woke up this morning just before 6:30am and had a great nap tonight.  I was off today which was good, got a fair amount done.

Back to work tomorrow.  Blah.  It’ll be good being back at work actually.  I have been off for five days.

Now all I need is some nice weather so that we can get our baseball season going.

Congrats to the Conservatives – now get down to business.


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