Parks and Recreation Department

I received an email from the parks guy for St. Catharines Minor Baseball yesterday which was Tuesday.  The email is here:

Hi Guys,

Due to copious amounts of moisture that has already fallen & which is still about to fall, the city has cancelled all park use for both this Sat. & Sun. Please do not use our parks for baseball until we can officially go on, tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 2. Please let me know  your tentative schedules for May.

Never seen anything like this before. Gotta do the best we can.


PS – you may try some school parks or some other open spaces for conducting some practices but make sure they are safe. I don’t want to hear about anybody running into soccer poles or into swing sets

So, this email was sent around noon yesterday, again, a Tuesday.  It cancelled diamonds in St. Catharines for the COMING WEEKEND which was 4 days away.  The City can’t get their diamond ready in that much time?  Please…

OK, we have received a lot of rain in April – here’s a tip, it RAINS IN APRIL.  It was also a pretty cold month all in all but come on, get our diamonds ready so that we can get out there.

I have always hated the way that we are treated by the P&R Department as a whole.  There are, of course, some employees who do a very good job.  I have no idea who the Parks Foreman is this year but you can count on me getting a hold of him.  I will also be bringing my concerns to some of the City Councillors.

It is now April 27 and I have to make alternate arrangements, if I can, for parks this weekend.

All I have to add is that this is insane.

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