Long weekend is here…

It is the start of a long weekend, a 4-day long weekend.  They don’t happen too often, only a few times a year.  It is Easter this weekend, Good Friday today.  I am not actually sure what the significance of Good Friday is actually, I am not studied in my religions…  Don’t actually care either, all I know is that I am off work today and Monday so that is good.

My baseball try-outs start on Monday evening.  I have seen a total of 13 different players.  Not a great start to be sure.  I will be making calls later this afternoon to the rest of the players who have expressed some interest in coming out.  I do hope that the total turns into at least 20 – with that many I can run a good try-out and put the players through the paces.

I will have the team picked fairly quickly I think.  I have seen a bunch of good players as of now, I am impressed with them, none have been weak, they all have good qualities.  I am really looking forward to getting on with it.  I do wish that Spring would freakin’ arrive – this weather is insane.  We had very wet snow flurries today.  It is April 22 and it was snowing.  It didn’t stick mind you, melted before it hit the ground but come on, that is wrong.

I don’t actually remember an April that was this miserable.  I expect our fair share of rain but the cold temps is what is getting me.  I still have my heat turned on – that is the latest by far that I have ever had heat on.  Typically, by this point the windows would all be open with nice spring air shooting through the house – this year, I am not sure if I will EVER have the windows open…

Oh well.  Spring will happen eventually, I think…

Enjoy your long weekend.


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