I’m moving …

Well, I am moving.  I have been in the same place for 4.5 years, which, excluding where I grew up, this is a record.  A record by 2.5 years.

I like where I am currently living.  It is a great little house, good sized back yard for Zeus and has most of everything that I want/need.

There are a couple of minor issues:

  1. Bad windows, they bleed like crazy
  2. Back door sucks – it sticks, all the time
  3. Carpeting – don’t like it, green in the living room, hallway, pink in the bedrooms, blue in the dining room
  4. Fireplace doesn’t work
  5. Zeus can get out of the back of the yard
  6. Can’t use the garage, there is a classic car in there
  7. Minor repairs not completed
  8. No fan in the bathroom
  9. The driveway is often used by people using the business next door
  10. Noisy location

Things that I really like:

  1. Location – close to everything pretty well
  2. Size – perfect for 1 person (and 1 dog)
  3. Nice sized driveway, good for 3 cars
  4. Good rent, hasn’t gone up
  5. Cheap utilities even though the windows bleed
  6. Nice basement, cool in the summer
  7. Excellent landlord, very nice guy – good neighbour on the other side as well
  8. Quiet neighbours
  9. 6 appliances
  10. ???

So, the new place has tile and hardwood throughout.  It has a basement apartment that I am able to rent out – the income comes to me to assist with the higher rent that I will have.  The house is VERY new.  It has a double width driveway, no more moving cars around – I HATE doing that.  Great location, very quiet neighbourhood.

I move in sometime during May, not sure when.  I don’t think that Frank will have any issues renting this place.  There are only minor issues that he will clear up before it is re-rented.

I am actually excited about moving.

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