Snow? In April?

The past few days have been a whirlwind.  The weekend zipped by so quickly that I am not sure it actually happened.

I have been trying to run baseball workouts and the weather has NOT been cooperating, AT ALL.  It has been a cold and rainy April.  Sure, we’ve had a couple of nicer days in there, intermixed with the crappy days like we had today.  High temperature today was 2 degrees Celsius and there was wet snow falling.  What the heck is with that?  Snow, on April 18?  I don’t think so…

I have cancelled baseball workouts last Wednesday, Saturday and again on Sunday.  We are supposed to be out tomorrow (Tuesday) and “they” are calling for rain all day, guess what that means…  No practice more than likely.  Thursday might be a go, who knows as yet.  We have the long weekend off, well, mostly off anyway.  We start tryouts on Monday which happens to be Easter Monday, but it is really only a government holiday anyway.  I hope that I am able to get tryouts down, that would be nice.

I am likely going to have to make some phone calls to get players out. I have had 10 out thus far and a team that does not make.  I need at least double that number to get a good core of players.  At least out of the 10, they all seem to be good players and good kids.  I am coaching major bantam and they are 15 year olds.  Should be an interesting summer for sure.

The campaigns are both going well.  I haven’t been called to do much IT work which is a good thing, I have been busy elsewhere.  I have a campaign meeting in St. Catharines tonight, this is meeting #4 I think, perhaps it is only meeting #3 though.  The NF campaign has only seen one meeting or at least one meeting that I was invited to.

The PM is supposed to be hitting St. Catharines on Thursday so I hear.  Might be able to attend another rally.  The first one was great.

I am going to look at a new place tonight.  It is a bit pricy, BUT, it has an in-law suite in the basement that I could rent out.  Sorta cool being a landlord.  🙂  No real pictures so I guess that I will see tonight.

Well, I am out for now.  Take care.


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