A BUSY Saturday Indeed

Well, my house has been cleaned top to bottom.  It looks great and better yet, I didn’t have to do any of the work – I like that.  The security system is installed, not quite correctly functioning as yet though.  There is some sort of issue with the motion detector, Zeus set it off yesterday after I left.  Good thing I had forgotten something and had to come home.  The window sensor in the office was defective as well – it will be replaced.  I’ll be getting the cleaning people in every two weeks.  For two of them, it is $30 per hour.  I’d suspect that they will need to be here for 1-1.5 hours every two weeks to keep on top of it, or me I guess.

I was driving home from Niagara Falls yesterday and had the rear passenger tire blow out on me.  I pulled over (was in the slow lane anyway) to the side of the highway.  I was on the QEW north bound lanes heading to St. Catharines, it happened right before the 405 merges into the QEW.  Anyway, on Tuesday or Wednesday I decided to enter the OnStar draw that I had heard about on the radio.  Well, I registered for the free draw and then they offered me 6 months of OnStar because I hadn’t had it previously.  Good deal, right – well, I signed up for it and it came in VERY handy yesterday.  The flat bed truck would have cost me $100 to get it towed.  They only take the vehicle to a GM dealer so it will sit there (John Bear on Lake Street) until Monday.  I presume that I will get it back Monday afternoon.  I am hoping that the tire is under warranty.

I am heading to Rob Nicholson’s Fort Erie office today to configure the PC there.  I hope that I will get some sort of mileage for it, the gas alone is costing me a fortune.  I haven’t been to the Dykstra campaign for a few days.  The Campaign Manager sent me a text yesterday asking if I would be around.  Bad Kevin…  Anyway, after the blow out I couldn’t make it in.  I will drop by today.

On the baseball side of things, I was chatting with one of my former ball players who was (and likely still is) and excellent pitcher.  He’s agreed that he’d like to help out with the Bantams – I am meeting him in a couple of hours so we can discuss.  Good news there.

That’s it – I am off…

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