Baseball Politics…

No, it isn’t what you may think.  I am not talking about baseball politics, even though that’s how I wrote it.  I am talking baseball.  I am talking politics.  Read on.  🙂

Although I haven’t been on the field as yet for the 2011 baseball season, a LOT of background work has been done.

I think that I will have at least 20 guys come out to tryouts, this is good. It could be more for all I know, I really don’t know what my numbers are as yet.  I’ve created a Facebook group where I am posting information, there are 22 members (or so) but a few of them are parents.  I have a large number of people on my contact list in email, but some of them haven’t registered.  I have only had negative responses from a few people – they have either moved onto other associations or aren’t playing at all.

The league is forming up quite well.  We have our highest numbers in recent history, partly in thanks to Blast Ball registrations (3-4 year olds).  Mind you, Blast Ball isn’t exactly a money maker.  We were charging an early fee of $40 and now it is $50.  Other divisions have also went up $10.

I am looking for a Peewee coach for the All-Star club.  The coach that was lined up had to back out because of work conflicts.  I am hoping that a new coach (from the London area I believe) will work out.  I am supposed to meet with him sometime this weekend.

I have booked diamond time for the month of May.  A fairly busy practice and exhibition game schedule.  We start with our first tournament at the end of May though and that will be here before we can believe it is.

Good luck to the Bantam Cobras !!!

On the election front, I am going to two rally’s today.  The first is in Thorold this afternoon @ 2PM.  Apparently, although it sounds odd to me, the Seafarers Union and the Teamsters are publicly endorsing the local Conservative candidates.  I always thought that unions typically backed NDPers but I am sure that the endorsement will be welcome.  I am then going to the Nicholson campaign office and we are heading to Hamilton for a rally with the Prime Minister.  Will be sort of cool – I have never been to such an event.

I am learning a lot about campaigns here – it is quite interesting.  My sister asked me why the interest in politics all of the sudden?  Well, I really don’t know.  I have always been sort of interested in politics, now I am doing something about it.

I am off on Friday so it will be a long weekend.  I don’t have too much planned.  I am getting people in on Saturday to clean my house.  That will be good.  I will likely take Zeus somewhere and get out of their hair.

Well, until next time…

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